Testing is easy

Everyone has an HIV status and all Oregonians need to know theirs. It’s as easy as ever to get tested for HIV. Confidential HIV testing is available throughout Oregon. There are rapid tests which give results within 20 minutes and even a rapid home HIV testing kit that can be bought in drug stores and pharmacies. You can also ask your doctor for a confidential HIV test as part of a routine medical visit. Most insurance plans cover the cost of HIV testing. 


Our Vision:

100% of Oregonians get tested for HIV.

Where we’re at:

About 6 in 10 Oregonians have never been tested.


Our Vision:

Zero new HIV infections.

Where we’re at:

New HIV infections are now 220-240 per year.


Why testing matters so much


Since 6 out of 10 Oregonians have never been tested, some Oregonians have HIV but don't know it.

People who know they have HIV are less likely to spread it to others.

People who know they have HIV can start life-saving treatment, protecting their health and reducing their risk of passing on HIV to others.


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