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Addressing barriers in rural communities

People living in rural Oregon experience social and structural barriers that may increase their vulnerability to HIV and STI.

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HIV isn’t just a big city issue

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Delayed testing

People living in rural Oregon are more likely to delay HIV testing compared to people living in more urban areas, which means they are often diagnosed late in their HIV infections.

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Increase in new HIV infections

New HIV cases are on the rise throughout Oregon, including in rural communities. In Eastern Oregon, HIV cases almost quadrupled between 2020-2021, and continue to increase. New HIV cases in Clackamas County almost doubled in the past 5 years.

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End HIV Oregon’s rural campaign

End HIV Oregon supported the Eastern Oregon Center for Independent Living (EOCIL) and its media campaign in 2022 to begin a conversation about HIV/STI in rural communities. Its goal was to increase testing and start addressing stigma and sexual health. The campaign was highly visible throughout Eastern Oregon. Following the campaign, requests from Eastern Oregon for at-home HIV testing kits and orders for free condom deliveries increased. AntFarm Youth Services and Clackamas County Health and Human Services plan to run the same campaign in Estacada, Molalla, Sandy and rural parts of Clackamas County in Summer 2023.

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Education is a priority

Reaching people with HIV/STI education and removing barriers to care in rural communities throughout Oregon remains a priority for End HIV Oregon.

What you can do

Knowing your HIV status is a sign of strength, not weakness. There are testing, prevention and treatment resources available to you, and some of it is free.

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Get tested for HIV

Ask your doctor about an HIV test. Most health insurance plans cover HIV testing. HIV tests can be provided with other routine screenings like blood pressure and cholesterol checks.

Free at-home testing is also available to people in Oregon.

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Protect yourself

Using condoms during sex and taking PrEP help protect you from HIV. End HIV Oregon and your local public health department can help you access prevention tools.

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