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Treatment saves lives

HIV does not have to be the deadly disease it was in the 1980s. Today Oregonians with HIV are living longer, healthier lives with the help of HIV medications.  Plus, effective HIV treatment can reduce transmission of the virus by up to 96%. For people who do learn they have HIV, there are a number of free resources available to help them finding a medical provider and get the help, support, and medications they need. 

Our Vision:

100% of Oregonians diagnosed with HIV are in medical care within 30 days.

Where we’re at:

69% of Oregonians diagnosed with HIV are in medical care in 30 days.

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Our Vision:

100% of Oregonians taking HIV medications achieve the health goal of being virally suppressed. This means that the amount of virus in a person’s body is greatly reduced. 

Where we’re at:

68% of Oregonians taking HIV medications are virally suppressed.


Why treatment matters so much

With HIV treatments, people are living longer, healthy lives. 

HIV treatments works to lower the amount of the virus in the blood and keep the immune system strong. Taking medications to treat HIV correctly and consistently increases the likelihood of viral suppression. Programs like Oregon Reminders can help people to remember to take their HIV medications every day.

HIV treatment can reduce the risk of transmission by up to 96%. If all Oregonians who know they are HIV infected were virally suppressed, we could prevent over two-thirds of new HIV infections.

Effective HIV treatment allows pregnant women with HIV to give birth to babies that are HIV free.